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Area Legislators Back Grassroots Initiative  to Complete Safe 10-Mile Trail Around White Bear Lake

Senator Chuck Wiger (D-43) and Ami Wazlawik (D-38B) stand with Lake Links Association supporters at their January meeting. Sen. Wiger praised the group members for their passion and enthusiasm to complete the safe walking and biking trail around White Bear Lake.

Pictured is the original network map from the 2001 Lake Links Network Trail Study, which Sen. Wiger was part of along with fellow state legislators Harry Mares and Betty McCollum. The models in the foreground show a potential design for a covered bridge and a bike maintenance / rest stop planned for the sections of the trail.

December 2018 Lake Links Meeting:
Focus on Plans for South Shore Trail

Joe Lux, senior planner with Ramsey County Public Works,  provided an update on plans to add a bicycle and pedestrian trail along the South Shore of White Bear Lake at the Lake Links Association December meeting. 

Please find  his presentation here.

Please find a White Bear Press article about the meeting here.

Click here for FAQ on the recent Ramsey County right-of-way survey along South Shore Blvd  

For more information on the survey, contact Daniel Baar, deputy county surveyor at Ramsey County Public Works at [email protected] or 651-266-7170.

The 2018 Minnesota Legislature provided $2.6 million to Ramsey County to create the trail. Two open houses were held earlier this year to take public input on various options to accommodate motorized and nonmotorized users.

Click here for minutes (prelim) from the meeting

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2019 Monthly meetings: 

Mon Feb 11, 7pm

Mon March 18, 7pm

Mon April 8, 7pm

Mon May 13, 7pm

All at Mahtomedi District Education Center Room 121, 1520 Mahtomedi Ave, Mahtomedi

Come to the meetings to hear the latest trail news and also be part of the discussion.

Questions? Comments? Like to volunteer? Email us at [email protected]


A Capitol Success

In late May the Minnesota Legislature approved $4.022 million in funding as follows: ​ FAQ

Ramsey County – $2.6 million for trail improvements on South Shore Boulevard in White Bear Lake and White Bear Township

Mahtomedi – $1.4 million for Birchwood Road, Wildwood Beach Road, and Briarwood Road and trail elements

White Bear Township – $11,000 for preliminary engineering (omitted from prior bill along MN 96)

City of White Bear Lake – $11,000 for preliminary engineering (omitted from prior bill along MN 96) 

Together, we are getting  this done!


November 2018 Lake Links Meeting 

1) Mahtomedi section: City of Mahtomedi has ordered WSB Engineering to begin final design work for the Birchwood Rd, Briarwood Ave,  BN right of way, Streetcar park and MN 244 (Neptune to Maple) sections . There will be public open houses to review the designs in early 2019 with expectation of being ready for construction bidding  in April 2019. The Birchwood Road section is expected to be two 10' wide traffic lanes with a turtle compatible sloped curb and a 10' wide bike/ped trail on the lake side.

Birchwood Road  details (12/4/2018)  here

2) South Shore Boulevard section: we await Ramsey County study findings (to be presented at Dec 10 meeting by Joe Lux, Ramsey County Public Works) see above

3) North Shore (hwy 96) section : White Bear Lake and White Bear township will  jointly retain an engineering consultant to advise on trail possibilities in the next few months

4) Lake Links support from elected officials :  the recent elections have changed some faces, but those elected and reelected tend to be supporters of the trail and we are confident that we will continue to move forward. Lake Links principal in the legislature, Peter Fischer was returned to office.

5) There have been local questions about how the existence of the trail will affect local parking and traffic. We are working with the various communities on those questions.



A preliminary look at the proposed historic spur trail courtesy of Steve Wolmagot. Click HERE


Lake Links Trail Design and Construction update August 2018

Work on the trail sections funded by the 2018 Minnesota Legislature and is progressing nicely.

1) WSB Engineering (under contract from the City of Mahtomedi) is working on soil borings and detailed wetland delineation and topography along Birchwood Road. The design team is working to minimize impact on wetlands and habitat while ensuring a safe trail.

2) Ramsey County has elected to assess its right of way along the South Shore Blvd section using a statutory procedure that it expects to be quicker and less costly than engaging a right-of- way analyst.

3) MnDOT is surveying along MN 96 to ensure accurate information.

More updates here in 8/15/2018 White Bear Press

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PICTURES from the December 2018 Lake Links meeting

Showing in the group  (top left): Joe Lux (Ramsey County planner, State Senator Chuck Wiger, Steve Wolmagot (Lake Links co-chair) and Ramsey County Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt.

Top right: Steve explains features of the Birchwood Road proposal

Bottom: Joe Lux and his presentation

Lake Links White Paper for Birchwood Road
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