Frequently asked questions

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    What is the Lake Links Association, and how long has it been around?
    The Lake Links Association is not-for-profit corporation. It began in February 2017 as an assembly of citizens working for creation of a safe walking and biking route around White Bear Lake. The name comes from a 2001 Met Council¬–approved plan for biking and walking in the area.
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    How is the project going?
    Very well. Lake Links received resolutions of support from every community and county touched by the route. Monthly informational meetings have been filled with positive-minded people young and old telling their stories and offering ideas or help to get the project completed.
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    Did the Lake Links Association receive money from the Minnesota Legislature?
    No, but Lake Links helped encourage legislation in support of its goals. The 2017 legislature provided $250,000 for preliminary engineering and route development, including $130,000 to help build a segment from Lions Park to South Shore Boulevard. The 2018 legislature provided for $4 million for design and construction of sections in Mahtomedi, along South Shore and at Ramsey County Beach
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    Why wasn’t this project completed years ago?
    Though all communities and counties signed off on the 2001 plan, no group was charged with moving it forward. The project did make some progress when Lake Avenue was converted to one-way road with a separated space for walking and biking and the trail extended to Lions Park.
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    Is the Minnesota Department of Transportation involved in this project?
    Yes. MnDOT has worked with Lake Links to define the public right-of-way along Hwy. 244 and determine how much room is available on either side of the road for a safe facility for bikers and walkers. Our area’s contact at MnDOT is Adam Josephson, [email protected]
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    What will the trail look like?
    Lake Links is not pursuing a uniform separated trail around the entire Lake. We look forward to a final route that fits the circumstances in each segment and that reflects the character and generosity of the communities, legislators and counties who together make up Lake Links.
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    Who do I contact about the recent Right of Way surveys done along part of the proposed route?
    In 2018 right of way surveys (to establish the location of the legally defined right of way) have been done : - along South Shore Blvd by Ramsey County Contact Daniel Baar, Deputy County Surveyor at Ramsey County Public Works Email: [email protected] Phone:: 651-266-7170 - along hwy 244 by MN DOT contact Adam Josephson (651) 234-7719 Email: [email protected]
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    How can I help?
    Contact your state legislators (see and encourage them to support efforts to improve the safety of non-motorized transportation around White Bear Lake.Invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Donate to the Lake Links Assocation via this button
Donate to the Lake Links Association Fund (via the Greater WBL Community Foundation
If you have more questions please contact us